State Ministry Crews

Included within our mission to use the performing art of mime more extensively and strategically is our vision to develop an EPPIC mime ministry crew in every state. Patterned after our EPPIC Minnesota state ministry crew, it starts with one interested individual volunteer who is willing to serve as the crew’s director. EPPIC will partner with each director, provide training through a relational four step process and equip and outfit the crew over a 1-6 month time period. Interested? Contact us to begin the relationship.

National Ministry Crews

To use the performing art of mime more extensively and strategically, EPPIC has developed 6 National Mime Ministry Crews in four different countries to date. The first national team started in 2005 and continues to this day. Each of these ministry crews began with an individual who desired to bring the Gospel-in-Mime tool to their country to engage in outreach work within their country.

EPPIC uses a two-year relational template to train and equip a national ministry crew anywhere in the world. To read more about EPPIC’s work with National Crews around the world click here. Interested in starting a National Ministry Crew? Contact us and we’ll explain what’s needed and the process involved.

Full-Time Ministry Crew

EPPIC is looking for young adults interested in committing to at least a year of training and teaching in EPPIC material. If you’re interested, connect with us and let us know!


Included in the vision of growing EPPIC are part-time and full-time staff to make this vision possible. If you’re interested in getting involved as a non-performing member of EPPIC’s staff, contact us here.