“Mime has a way of passing the intellect and affecting the soul in a way I can’t explain.”

– Chris Erickson, Director of EPPIC

Wait a minute—a ministry of mimes? If you think that sounds like something straight out of the 80’s, you’re right. And while the rest of the world seems to have moved on from mime as an art form, we believe mime has more potential than ever.

Think about it. In the age of Snapchat, Instagram, and memes all over the Internet, our society has never been more influenced by what they see rather than by what they hear.

Less is more.

With nothing but a white crate and a blue backdrop, EPPIC has been captivating audiences with the art of mime for the last 35 years.

Mime uses universal principles of communication, utilizing motion from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Through movement and music, mime communicates a living story. We’ve seen people around the world moved to tears as they’ve watched our sketches.

But EPPIC is about more than an emotional response; it’s about being moved from something to Someone. It’s about encountering hope in a story bigger than yourself.

Preaching without words.

Ultimately, EPPIC is about pointing audiences around the world toward hope in Jesus. We believe no message on earth is more important or necessary.

Some may refuse the words of a preacher, few can ignore the power of a story in motion. A teenager in Croatia, after viewing an EPPIC presentation said with a huge smile and tears streaming down his face, “I’ve never understood God’s grace… until now.” On the other end of the spectrum, a man in Europe said, “I don’t agree with your message—but I love the way you shared it.” Through mime, we have the opportunity to embody the love of God for people who have heard but have never experienced it personally.


So what does EPPIC do, exactly?

EPPIC uses mime as a tool to pursue four main goals: Training, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Character Development.


We believe in multiplying our impact through training and development of teams across the country and around the world.

Through EPPIC Training Projects, we teach other organizations to utilize mime as a tool to reach people. When contacted, we’ll train teams to perform our core sketch, “Forgiven by His Love,” and maybe a 30-minute presentation. We’ll then lend the organization props, costumes, and makeup to give them everything they need for successful outreach.

If the group has an amazing time, then we’re prepared to open the conversation about starting a State Ministry Crew. If you’re interested in an EPPIC Training Project or starting a State Ministry Crew, contact us through our Contact page.


Many people have heard of God’s love. But few people have seen it made plain with their own eyes.

For thirty-five years, EPPIC has shared the gospel with thousands upon thousands through the tool of mime all over the world. Whether performing at a church, school, or public square, people are impacted by a message without words. We give people opportunities to respond during our fifteen, thirty, or forty-five minute presentations. And we’ve seen all ages, both students and adults, young and old, encounter the love of Jesus in a fresh way.


Audiences aren’t the only ones affected by EPPIC’s ministry.

Sometimes an EPPIC Crew member will cry while enacting a character from a sketch. Enacting a struggle or situation which related to their life created vulnerability, and in that moment we take the opportunity to talk and process and learn. Real life discipleship can happen in the midst of training to reach others, and it can happen with you as well!  For more information go to www.cru.org to invest in the development of your personal relationship with God.

Character Development

The ministry of EPPIC has opportunity to advance the common good in public schools through Character Development initiatives.

EPPIC’s director is an experienced public school teacher who recognizes the need to be developing character in students K – 12. Throughout his tenure as a teacher, developing character was always a silent component of his philosophy, believing that a person’s character underlies everything that he or she does and eventually determining who he or she has become. K – 12 education is the perfect place and environment to develop character qualities that will last a life time and serve each student well into their adult lives.

We believe mime can inspire and motivate students to make pivotal life choices that positively affect the development of their personal character. Through EPPIC’s character presentations we have experienced this taking place in the lives of many students. Indeed, often a picture is worth a thousand words and with EPPIC this is so very true. If you’re interested in hearing more about how EPPIC works with public schools, contact us here.